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what is Payflexi?

PayFlexi allows you to pay for products and services in weekly or monthly instalments without extra cost.

PayFlexi does not charge interest or do a credit checks to start using it. Simply select your payment schedules and make an upfront payment to get started.

how do i pay with Payflexi?

If your order is eligible for interest-free payments with Payflexi, you will be able to select Payflexi as a payment method during checkout and you will have the option to pay a small deposit as set by the us in order to secure the products at the displayed price. You then select the number of weeks/months that you would like to pay for your order subject to any terms and conditions. After completing the payment, the product is delivered to you.

Payflexi will send a email notification once the payment has been processed. you will be informed ahead of time before the next payments.

what are the benefits of Payflexi?

PayFlexi is designed for people who want to buy products and services without using credit or paying the full price immediately. Here are some of the benefits of using PayFlexi;

  • Spread the cost of your purchase over several smaller payments.
  • Interest-free weekly or monthly instalments. You won’t be charged interest on your purchases.
  • No credit checks or rigorous acceptance criteria required from completing the purchase.
  • Easily make your upfront, and future re-payments using your existing credit or debit cards.
  • Build your spending rating with PayFlexi, and have access to products such as Buy Now, Pay Later. Available only in selected countries.

what purchases are eligible for Payflexi?

Purchases greater than or equal to N50,000 are eligible for Payflexi.

can i pay before the due date?

Yes. If you want to pay the outstanding balance of your purchase early, simply log in at the top of the page, go to the order page, and select “Pay off early”.

will i still be charged if my order is cancelled?

You will NOT be charged. If your order is cancelled, 

can O’Eclat  gift card be used with Payflexi?

Yes. gift cards can be used with a Payflexi purchase. if you use your gift card and still have a remaining balance, you can use Payflexi to cover the remainder.

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